Schelling’s System – Logic and Graphics

Written by: Beatrix Team

Dealing with F.W.J. Schelling’s System of the Whole Philosophy (and of the Philosophy of Nature in Particular), which we will publish in German and in Italian, we are not so much engrossed in fascinating metaphysical and physical questions – such as “What is a divine identity?”; “How can the love relationship between sexes reflect that identity in nature?”; “What is light? And gravity?”; “Is a metaphysical classification of animals conceivable?”; “What is the relationship between nature and a human political organisation”? – as in a graphic challenge.
In fact, we are wondering whether it is possible to graphically show the internal logic of a philosophical system. In other words, the question is: can a rigorous structure of thought become the graphic structure of a book? – our Atelier gave us an answer: