Writings on Space
Volume I

Pavel Alexandrovich Florensky

Translated by Sophie Rebecca Wall and Andrea Dezi

The body of texts collected in this first volume of Writings on Space offers the reader an organic presentation of the fundamental theme of spatiality in P.A. Florensky’s thought. In space, according to the great Russian philosopher, it is possible to see «the specific and originary object of philosophy, in relation to which all other themes should be considered as derivatives».

Through a sophisticated and highly original elaboration of mathematical, physical, psychological and aesthetic data, space is illuminated by Florensky as the possibility of the appearance of the «idea», i.e. of the live and deep reality of things.

The volume consists of two tomes bound by hand. The first contains the texts on space, the second presents the images of the paintings and woodcuts that mark the visual line of Florensky’s powerful, contrapuntal thinking.