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The project

The Beatrix project is the result of an international artistic and scientific collaboration.

It originates from a shared critical awareness, or rather, from an urgent need—felt across different European regions—for a new cultural and philosophical perspective; first of all, on Nature.
The principal activity of Beatrix consists in the organisation of space—an organised space being thought of as an expression of the reality of things.
Hence, both the Idealism and the Realism of the project’s outlook:

Beatrix presents a realist view of the world; in this view, however, it is the artistic idea, the ideal side of the world, that makes the very reality of nature apparent.

Beauty, in this context, is thought of as a sign that expands from mere aesthetic appearance to the very being of things.


Beatrix’s books are conceived as total artworks, in which the thoughts they express take graphic, typographic
and paper form.

From the conception of the font to the making of the binding, the books take shape as organic structures, so that the life and beauty of their elements appear inseparable from the totality they embody.

Aware of the multilingual character of every culture, the Beatrix project is devoted to sharing a precious diversity of expertise and views, without losing the deep unity
of vision.

Beatrix Editions’ books are presented in different languages, in particular English, Italian, German, Russian, French, Greek and Latin.

Partnerships and collaborations

Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften (Projekt: Schelling – Edition und Archiv), Munich, Germany
Florensky Foundation, Sergiev Posad, Russia
Images and Visual Art
Leo Tolstoy State Museum, Moscow, Russia
Fotodom Agency, Moscow, Russia


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